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A destination that seems like a world of a sci-fi movie, Dubai tour packages impress everyone with its futuristic marvel and dazzling skyline. These splendid buildings, skyscrapers, multiculturalism, and various activities made it at the top of every wander list.  Without wonder, this place is a paradise for people who are seeking luxury. Luxe-filled hotels like Atlantis and the Burj Al-Arab are the highlight of Dubai. Apart from a luxury stay, you can enjoy a lavish shopping experience with its world’s best shopping malls. Here, you will get some of the best brands and premium stores for shopping. Additionally, if you are a fan of a street market then Dubai is blessed with many night markets and street stores. 

Desert safari, sea diving, dune bashing, skydiving, bungee jumping, and many more activities are indulged in tours to Dubai that make it a paradise for adventure seekers. Does not matter, whether you are a shopping lover or an adventure junkie or want a relaxing holiday, Dubai is your good-to-go destination. With its blend of modern touch and classic Emirates culture, it is dominating the list of travel lovers.  So from honeymoon couples to solo travelers, Dubai has everything to offer you. Let’s give a look at what the Dubai trip would offer you and make your holidays exclusive like no other. 


Most Popular Dubai Tour Packages 2023

Dubai Tour Package for 5 Nights 6 Days  Price USD 890

4 Days Dubai Leisure Tour Package Price USD 600

Private 5 Days Luxury Dubai Tour with Atlantis Stay Price USD 1335

Private 5 Days Dubai Tour with Red Dunes Safari Price USD 910

6 Nights 7 Days Luxury Dubai with Abudhabhi USD 1318

Why Plan a Trip to Dubai

From majestic mega malls to the splendid skyline, Dubai tour packages offer you to witness some incredible moments. To enjoy picture-perfect weather and blue skies, everyone must give visit this place. Here are the reasons why should travelers give it a chance to Dubai:

World’s tallest building

Get a panoramic view of the world from the world’s tallest building-  Burj Khalifa. This is the world’s tallest building with 163 floors and a height of 2,722 ft. You can view the surroundings from its observation decks. Here, you can taste the world’s best coffee and Emirati cuisines to give a flavor taste to your mouth.  

Enjoy 1000 km of beaches 

Blessed with the ocean and exotic weather, Dubai is home to various incredible beaches. Do not worry about the tan you got from the 1000km shoreline of beaches, make it holiday color when you return from the vacation. 

Shopping, entertainment, and Dubai’s mega malls

Dubai is home to the world’s largest shopping malls where shopping lovers can get retail therapy while enjoying various entertainment shows. These malls also offer various attractions that you can visit to have different experiences. Additionally, this place has a Dubai shopping festival that makes it heaven for shopaholics. 

Foodie scene 

With the influence of different cultures, Dubai offers a variety of cuisines that melt into the back of your mouth. Indian, American, Islamic, and Chinese cultures made it a place where everyone can satisfy their cravings. Here you can explore various top-class eateries while enjoying food festivals that are held during the entire year. 

Explore artificial islands and  beach

Along with the Burj Khalifa, Dubai is home to the largest world’s artificial island - Palm Island. Built between 2001 and 2006, Palm Island has various five-star hotels for luxury stays in hotels like Atlantis The Palm. Along with the hotels, Palm Island has mega mansions worth million-dollar. 

Dubai With Friends

Dubai is not just about the luxury stay, and grand shopping experience but the fun time at night makes it more popular among youngsters as well as adults. People here dress fun at night to enjoy the drizzling clubs and beach parties. Apart from its top-notch attractions, a Dubai trip with friends is enjoyable at night too. From the Dubai bus tour to beach parties, you can do a number of activities. So here we are enlisting some of the activities that you can enjoy with friends:

Desert safari

Feel delighted when you hop on the Arabian night desert safari. Along with adventure in a vast desert, you will be welcomed with traditional Arabic coffee and dates. With friends, you can witness the most mesmerizing sunset in the midst of the desert. Also, you can explore some authentic traditional dance, henna painting, and many more. 

Speedboat tour 

If your buddies are adventure junkies just like yours then a speedboat tour is all you want in Dubai. This blessed your senses with a picturesque view of Dubai from the water. This speedboat tour would give you a breathtaking ride for 90 straight minutes. This is a real adventure for water sports lovers. 

Indoor skydiving 

Push your adrenaline rush a bit more with skydiving. Here, you can experience the fun of skydiving but with security. Do not feel intimidated, if you are fresher as it is best for first-time flyers. 

Go- Karting 

Fasten your belts for the go-kart. You can sit behind the wheel of the most advanced go-kart and have a blast for the day. After a competitive race game, you can check scores on the board with your friends. So why wait, get ready, and ride on!!

Food and cuisines 

If you are really a foodie and like to enjoy different cuisines then Dubai is just for you. It is really a melting pot of cultures that represents tasty and delightful food. To enjoy the lavish food, you can check out the points like  Dubai Mall,  Mall of the Emirates, and Al Hallab restaurant. You will get a range of options like salads, grilled meats, traditional mezze, and many more delicacies. 

Honeymoon Packages in Dubai

If you are pondering a honeymoon package in Dubai then there are plenty of options that Dubai trip packages would offer you. These places bound you in a love bond and create some intimate moments for you. From a yacht to the Arabian Gulf, everything would give romantic vibes to you. Additionally, if you are an adventurous couple then various water sports and activities are waiting for you in Dubai:

Dubai Marina 5-star cruise

If you love to watch the star-filled sky and dazzling nights of Dubai then Marina is for you. It is an exotic combo of a romantic walk, a cruise ride, and a lavish dinner.  Here you can witness sky-high marvels, bars, cafes, and shops. With all the splendid surroundings, this place is ideal for the perfect insta picture. 

Dubai mall

A honeymoon trip is incomplete without shopping. And for shopping, Dubai Mall is the premium choice. Here you can enjoy various rides like a gaming zone, skating rink, and cinema halls. This building hosts many music and fashion shows that allure tourists as well as locals. This mall is also popular for the Dubai shopping festival.


Dubai miracle garden 

To romanticize your relationship with your partner, you must visit this place. This is recognized as one of the most extensive flower gardens. During the winters, these flowers blossoms with their glory. During your Dubai vacation packages here, you can witness some shapes like stars, igloos, pyramids, airplanes, and hearts which create spectacular moments in vision. Apart from a romantic visit, you can enjoy delicious food with your beloved. 

Jumeirah beaches 

If you want to spot a real honeymoon place in Dubai then do not miss this captivating destination. Here, you can enjoy a grand view of a white sandy beach while having lavish lunch in nearby food eateries located on the coastline.  This place also offers a picnic area where you can spend some quality time with your partner. A cozy experience is all that you get here. 

Dubai fountain 

An attraction that would give a splendid view to your vision, the Dubai Fountain is spread over an area of 14,000s sqft. 3000 LED lights and jets create a splendid canvas when they shoot water in the air. For honeymoon couples, this is a mandatory place to visit.  

Things to Do in Dubai

With a number of enthralling activities that can entertain you, everything about Dubai is so mesmerizing. This city is famous for giving grandeur experiences to travelers from all corners of the world. To enjoy holidays in Dubai, you must try these things to do in Dubai:


You must have seen various videos of skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah. This is one of the most wonderful activities in Dubai that offer a lifetime experience. Yet if you are a faint-hearted person, do not dare to do this.  When you jump from a height of 13000 ft, every moment will become a lifetime experience. 

Fly like a bird with ziplining 

Want to fly like a bird? If yes, then Ziplining in Dubai could make your dream come true. This is one of the largest zip-lining in the world. Here, indulge in Dubai tour packages so that you can explore outdoor experiences and various flora and fauna.  So target this spot on Dubai family packages with your family for unique fun moments. 

Ski Dubai

Everything is possible in Dubai, even skiing. No, this is not about desert skiing but skiing on snow. Dubai offers an indoor ski resort where you can enjoy the activities like skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, and many more. Travelers could also meet a pack of Penguins here. 

Hot air balloon ride

To explore the morning sky and stunning desert, what can be better than a hot air balloon ride? Once you step into the hot air balloon, you will witness the beauty of Dubai from the air for straight 45 minutes. You can take this ride with your friends and family as one balloon carries 24 people at once. Yes!! do not forget to click some mesmerizing photos of the desert and end your journey with cool drinks to calm your adrenaline rush. 

Desert safari

Enjoying an adventure ride in the midst of the golden land makes desert safari one of the popular activities in Dubai. Get an adrenaline rush in your blood vessel while feeling ups and down in the dunes. You can witness some traditional dances and rituals here that give a window into Emirati culture. 

Best Restaurants in Dubai

After various adventures and top-notch attractions, Dubai enjoys popularity for different types of foods and dining. It offers a wide collection of dining options that fit every plate. Here, you can enjoy from lavish dining to trendy restaurants and local street food, with a range of dishes, the city has something for everyone. To add a different taste to Dubai tours, one must try these cafes and restaurants: 


This eatery is located at the dock of the Arabian Gulf. It offers a vibe of romance for couples. Visitors come to have a luxurious dining experience. This grand restaurant has a specialty in fresh seafood dishes with stunning views of the Dubai coastline.


Nobu, located in the Atlantis Hotel on Palm Jumeirah, is a world-famous Japanese restaurant. It offers a fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine with South American flavors, resulting in unique and delicious dishes.

La Petite Maison 

La Petite Maison is a French Mediterranean restaurant known for its vibrant and flavorful dishes. Located in the Dubai International Financial Centre, it offers a relaxed yet stylish atmosphere.


Zuma offers a variety of Japanese cuisines in a very beautiful location- the heart of the financial center of Dubai. Here, you can enjoy the authentic and contemporary food of Japanese culture. Majorly, its menu consists of dishes like sushi, grilled cuisines, and sashimi. The best thing about Zuma is they use high-quality ingredients for all dishes. 


Want to explore the authentic culture of India and Pakistan with different cuisines, head to Ravi’s. This restaurant has immense popularity among the locals as well as wanders with its cuisines like Biryani, kebabs, and different curries. 

 Al Hadheerah

This is a restaurant based on an Arabian theme and its beauty fascinates everyone. This is located within the Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa where you can also enjoy spa treatments and massages. With lavish dinners, you can enjoy live music and entertain yourself. 

Best time to visit Dubai

Dubai is a tropical country and majorly its weather is divided into two parts summer and winter. Due to its desert area, Dubai is usually warm and humid which makes the Dubai Tours uncomfy for travelers. Thus, winter timing ranges between November to February, which is the most suitable time to visit Dubai. Also, during this time, usually a buzz in the air with lots of festivals and events in Dubai. The temperature usually relies between 25 to 30 degrees which could fall to 19 degrees. If you want to visit Dubai with sunshine then November is the best time to visit Dubai. However, cold in winter is pleasant and admiring which makes it the most popular winter destination for tourists. 

How to reach Dubai

By air

Air is the most potent way to reach Dubai. Dubai international airport has a rush throughout the year. It receives flight from all corners of the world and offers a number of conveniences to wanders.  Dubai’s official airlines operate approx  in more than 100 cities around the world. 

Also, Dubai international airport is well-connected to all parts of the city and major hotels. You can book a taxi and cab from the airport to reach your destination. Also, public transport is also available easily. 

By road

Traveling to Dubai by road is only possible only from Oman. There's no other roadway that connects Dubai to any other country or city. If you are traveling from Oman then by road is the best way to enter into Dubai. But if you want to travel to Dubai from any other Emirates of UAE then various options are available including private as well as government. 

By train

Dubai has no railway network. 

Best beaches in Dubai

From Palm Jumeirah to sunset beach, Dubai is blessed with natural wonders as well as man-made beaches. If you have not explored these beaches of Dubai then you need to give a look at what these beaches could offer you. From spending some time on the deck with your beloved to chilling with your buddies, Dubai Beaches has everything to offer to everyone. 

Palm Jumeirah 

Wonderful view of the Persian Gulf and silvery sand gives a vibe of chill and relaxation. With this sun-kissed beach, you can find yourself sinking into the beauty of this place. Usually, this place is famous for its sunsets that bless you with some glorious views and memories. 

Kite beach

With the location of  Al Manara Road junction, this beach is a hotspot for adventure junkies. It offers a range of extreme sports and activities like kitesurfing. With its pristine white sand, you will feel a texture of softness your soul is getting relaxed. Also, this beach offers a panoramic view of the Burj-Al-Arab. Apart from kitesurfing, there are many other sports like tennis, volleyball, kayaking, football, etc. 

Sunset Beach 

If you want to spend some time taking sunbathing on a stretch of white sand then sunset beach is the place for you. This place has popularity among tourists as well as locals as they love to jog on this beach while enjoying the sunrise view. Tourists mostly visit this place in the evening for a golden sunset. To enjoy this unique and incredible experience, do not forget to add this place to tours to Dubai as this is a lifetime experience. 

Marine beach 

With the scenic beauty of the day and dazzling reflection of lighting, this beach is not a less than lavish experience. You will feel energetic here with its fresh vibe. During the day, you can take a rest from your regular life and soak in the sun's rays for soothing your soul. Meanwhile, at night you can enjoy a mesmerizing view of Dubai's cityscape. Do not forget to visit this place for an incredible experience.

Burj Beach

Dubai is an enchanting place to visit and when it comes to the best beaches in Dubai, Burj Beach tops the list. The best time to visit this beach is sunset when the sun gets down and the breezes cool down relaxing your soul and waves soothe your mind. You can also enjoy a number of activities like snorkeling, surfing, and swimming. This destination would surreally bless you and your sense with some fascinating views and scenes. 

Places to visit in Dubai

Apart from beaches and Burj Khalifa, there are plenty of places that travelers could visit. From Dubai’s miracle garden to Dubai Aquarium and Global Village, you can get different vibes during your trip. 

Miracle garden 

This Graden is popular among wanders for various reasons, including its beautiful location in the heart of Dubai. In this garden, you can witness 45 million blossoms spread across the vast area of 72000square meters. The vividness of the flower melts your heart and gives a vibe of excitement. Apart from the flowers, this garden allows you to witness some sculptures and structures. this garden can only visit only during October and April. 

Dubai aquarium 

After exploring a stretch of beautiful flowers, the next place in Dubai that could amaze you is Dubai Aquarium. This place is located in the heart of downtown Dubai. More than 33000 species find their home in the Dubai Aquarium. This place also reserves marine life which made it one of the famous attractions in Dubai tour packages. This place is divided into various parts underwater zoo, Aquarium Tunnel, rainforest, and rocky shore. With this place, you can take a walk in a 48-meter-long transplant tunnel that allows you to witness marine life. You can also enjoy swimming in this aquarium. 

Global Village 

Another popular place in Dubai is Global Village which amazes the wander a lot. This is perfect to visit with your friends and family. During the night, this place lights up with different colored bulbs. Here you can explore the cultural side of various countries as its different pavilion represents the traditions of different nations. Apart from it, this place features live entertainment. If you are a foodie, then this place offers a variety of dishes and cuisines to fulfill your dream.  Its vibrant ambiance and multiculturalism attract tons of tourists every year.

Dubai desert 

A break from human interaction and the hustle-bustle of the city is a must when it comes to traveling. In the Dubai Desert, you can enjoy these moments of relaxation. Also, this desert allows you to enjoy the Dubai desert safari, one of the most sought activities in Dubai. You can witness wildlife here that includes a grand species of animals. You can also choose to stay at the luxurious wildlife resorts that allow you to wash away your tiredness and stress. 

Bur Dubai Grand Mosque

A blend of an architectural marvel and a pilgrimage site, the Grand Mosque of Dubai offers a number of unforgettable moments. This is one of the most famous 8 mosques worldwide. This is the place where the memorial function of Sheikh Zayed was held. 

Dubai Dolphinarium

Educational as well as entertaining experience, Dubai Dolphinarium is the best place to get both. Does not matter if you are local or a tourist, these dolphins could amaze you with their entertaining activities. The major highlight of the place is the dolphins that amuse you with their live stunts and acrobatics show. You can also take part in these activities while exploring the world of these creatures. Apart from it, this place is also famous for Creek Park which is covered with lush greenery.  

Food in Dubai

Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, and its culinary scene reflects this diversity. From traditional Arabic cuisine to international flavors, tour packages to Dubai offer a wide range of food options to satisfy every palate. With its eclectic mix of flavors and dining experiences, Dubai is a food lover's paradise. Here are a few cuisines you should try in Dubai: 


This Middle Eastern street food staple is a must-try in Dubai. Thinly sliced marinated meat is grilled on a vertical spit, then wrapped in warm pita bread along with garlic sauce, tahini, pickles, and vegetables.


Another popular Middle Eastern dish, falafel consists of deep-fried balls made from ground chickpeas, herbs, and spices. It is often served on pita bread with tahini sauce, hummus, and salad.


Mezzeh refers to a selection of small dishes that are typically served as appetizers or part of a larger meal. Common mezze dishes in Dubai include hummus, tabbouleh, fattoush, mountable (eggplant dip), and stuffed grape leaves.

Emirati Cuisine

Explore traditional Emirati cuisine to get a taste of local flavors. Some popular dishes include Machbous (spiced rice with meat or seafood), Harees (a porridge-like dish made from wheat and meat), and Majboos (spicy rice dish with meat or fish).

Grilled Seafood

Dubai's coastal location means that fresh seafood is abundant. Head to one of the local seafood restaurants and indulge in grilled fish, prawns, lobster, or crab. Enjoy them with Arabic spices and marinades for a burst of flavor.


Mandi is a traditional Yemeni dish that has become popular in Dubai. It consists of tender, slow-cooked meat (usually chicken or lamb) served on a bed of fragrant rice with a mix of spices. The dish is cooked in a special underground oven, which adds a unique smoky flavor.

Arabic Sweets

Finish off your meal with some delectable Arabic sweets. Try the popular Umm Ali (a bread pudding-like dessert with nuts and raisins), Kunafa (a sweet cheese pastry soaked in sugar syrup), or Luqaimat (small deep-fried dough balls served with date syrup).

Global Cuisine

Dubai is known for its diverse culinary scene, offering cuisines from around the world. Whether you're craving Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, or American food, you'll find a wide range of international restaurants and cafes to choose from.

Shopping in Dubai

Dubai enjoys immense popularity for its lavish and grand shopping experience. This place offers a wide range of alternatives from street-style shopping to luxury brands. Regardless of what you're looking for, this place would bless you with high-end fashion, electronics, gold, or unique local souvenirs. You can shop for whatever you want at these places. Do not forget to0 include these spots in Dubai holiday packages to buy something memorable. 

Dubai Mall

Dubai is blessed with various luxurious and lavish malls that could cater to all your needs. You can start your grand shopping experience with the Dubai Mall. This mall is counted as one of the biggest malls in the world. And you must visit this place. Here you will get more than 13000 stores of luxury fashion houses and brands. You can also shop for electronic and home decor stuff from here. 

Gold Souk

If you are fond of jewelry then this place deserves a must-visit. With its location in the Deira area, the Gold Souk has an impressive collection of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry. You can find a variety of designs. You can also do a bit of bargaining with the local merchants.

Spice Souk

Besides clothing and jewelry, Dubai is home to various herbs, spices, and teas that could create a vibrant aroma. Spice Souk is a must-visit destination if you love to try different perfumes for your loved ones. The colorful stalls and the fragrant atmosphere make it a unique shopping experience.

Perfume Souk

You can also explore a grand collection of perfume and oil in this mall. Here you will find traditional Arabic scents as well as famous international brands. Remember to bargain for lower prices.

Traditional Markets

Apart from the Gold, Spice, and Perfume Souks, Dubai has various other traditional markets where you can buy textiles, carpets, handicrafts, and local souvenirs. Visit the Textile Souk in Bur Dubai for fabrics and traditional clothing, or explore the Souk Madinat Jumeirah for a mix of boutique shops and traditional crafts.


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Faq's about Dubai Tour Packages


No wonder, Dubai is a wonderful place to visit. However, the cost of a Dubai tour package depends on various factors like which country you are traveling from, you travel history, purpose, days of traveling, and age. There are multiple alternatives to Dubai packages available that allow you to stay in Dubai for different days. Some of them are for 4 days and some are for 6 days whereas some are for 8-10 days. Also, age and nationality also define the value of a package. Also, if you want to stay in luxurious resorts and hotels then the cost of the package would be more. Thus, it cannot be said what is the cost of a tour package but you should consider all these factors and then pick one of the best packages for you. 

There are majorly two kinds of weather in Dubai- summers and winters. During the summer, Dubai usually faces high temperatures and humidity which could lead you to miss various activities. But during the winter, the weather is pleasant and relaxing. So for those who are planning a Dubai trip package, winters are a great time. In Dubai, winters usually range between October to February. And throughout October, the temperature usually stays mild which makes it peak season for traveling.

Dubai is a wonderful place for travelers owing to its various destinations and spots. Along with it, various activities and adventures made it at the top of the list of adventure junkies. Activities like sky diving, desert safari, swimming, snorkeling, helicopter tour, hot balloon ride, and many more made it the most admiring place to visit. You can also enjoy skiing in Dubai’s indoor snow stadium. Do not forget to enjoy these activities in Dubai holiday packages if you want to explore a world of thrill and adventure. 

If interested in planning an itinerary for Dubai vacation packages then 5 days would be enough for exploring all the destinations and attractions of Dubai. From its luxury-style resorts to the architectural marvels, you can explore everything in these 5 days. These days would allow you to squeeze in all the tourism spots of Dubai without making any hassle. You can kickstart your trip with Burj Khalifa and continue it with various sights. 

The convenient mode of transportation depends on your budget and the purpose of traveling. If you are an explorer and want to roam the entire Dubai on a low budget then metro would be a perfect choice. But if travelers are on Dubai family packages and have a sufficient budget then private taxis or cabs would be fast and reliable. 

The eligibility for a visa on arrival in Dubai depends on the nationality of the applicant.  Countries like the UK, USA, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, and many more nations are eligible for visas on arrival. However, not every country is eligible for this type of visa. If you are planning for Dubai trip, kindly check the eligibility of your country for a visa on arrival. 

Apart from a luxurious shopping experience, admiring architecture, and exotic activities, Dubai is well-known for its magnificent nightlife. There are various clubs and beaches that host fascinating parties and allow party animals to have a wild experience. From Dubai Marina to Boudoir, there are plenty of places that add a different flavor to the Dubai trip packages of travelers.